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Clean Voice

Recording on a noisy street, in a crowd or in a windy forest can produce a lot of irritating background noise if the situation or microphones are not the best. This tool offers an easy solution and cleans your voice recording from distracting background noise.

Remove background music

Sometimes you need to record in places with background music, or maybe you even want to isolate the voice from a song track? No problem with this tool. It cleans up recordings with background music and can also isolated the voice of a song.


Batch Processing

You can upload multiple files to batch process a bunch of clips.

De-echo voice

This option allows you to reduce the amount of echo from a voice.

Algorithm & Filter

To filter the voice, select your algorithm and its intensity.

Example 1

A short conversation between a guy and a girl speaking in Indonesian language with music in the background.
Algorithm: Orion v4, Filter: normal




Stem 1: Voice

Stem 2: Noise


Example 2

A distant conversation in a large room.
Algorithm: Orion v4, Filter: normal




Stem 1: Voice

Stem 2: Noise


Supported File formats

.mp3, .wav, .ogg, .flac, .aiff, .acc, .mp4, .mkv, .m4a
Size Limit: 2GB


This AI tool is pay-per-use, so you don't need a subscription to use it and you only pay for what you need. This way, our tool can be cheaper if you are only working on a small project or just want to run a few tests without subscribing to a service.

For every 20 seconds of audio to be processed, we charge 1 AI credit, which is about $0.08. For example, creating a voice stem from a three-minute song costs just $0.72.

To better predict the total price of your project, you can upload your file and select the stems you need to calculate the cost.

Image credits: Rodrigo Souza, Mido Makasardi, RDNE Stock project, ALTEREDSNAPS, Los Muertos Crew


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